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a Full Service Media Bureau                

About Us

Hollywood Studios is a full service media bureau.

From conceptual designs, product placement and print, we offer you a full range of up-to-date services designed to get your products or services the visibility and responses which hit statistical expectations.

If you realize that no one marketing medium works alone, finding a company that understands how to model your company to find exactly what will work is an art.

Hollywood Studios is that company. We specialize in bringing together a variety of talented designers, copywriters, programmers, production teams, and marketing experts with the experience and track record of success.

We don't just sell services, we sell ideas. Ideas that come from years of experience and involvement in all sorts of industry. Including but not limited to: entertainment industry, health products and services, real estate development, fashion, widgets, high tech military equipment conversions and desensitizing and many wholesale and retail operations. We know what it takes to find your market, develop it, and execute a campaign that gets results.

Designed to provide services to entertainers, production companies, production studios, guilds, for film and television, Hollywood Studios works hard at meeting deadlines while delivering quallity products and services envisioned by the client.

Since 1994, Hollywood Studios has expanded its available services to a wide variety of industries and markets. Available to large and small, corporate and homebased businesses, we take extreme pride in providing you with budgets that meet your needs and handholding support to help bring you into the present with technology, service and internet marketing.

Our range of services include: (but are not limited to) corporate branding, product branding, brand management, conceptual designs, graphics / computer manipulations, gang run printing, search engine optimization, trade show marketing, website development, production marketing, direct mail campaigns, print placement, broadcast marketing, production services and commercial photography.

Getting your production, products or services exposed is our specialty. Using the internet as one medium to accomplish this is something we have become extremely proficient at.

Starting with monitoring over 300 million searches every 24 hours has allowed us access to exactly what internet surfers are doing to get the results they are looking for. From understanding what products or services are being searched for, to exactly how they are searching for them, is cost saving information.

With independent productions, viewership is very important. Having an audience allows the producers the opportunity to make informed decisions to genre and marketability with low risk. Achieving a decent viewership with video.google.com, youtube.com or alike is an excellent start.... but your statistical information is not available. By placing your production in multiple venues via a stand alone foundation site you are able to create analytics with the information it takes to create a great pitch package.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program has been proven, over and over, to be very successful when it comes to getting your website that top page ranking quickly, and determining what products and services are actually beneficial marketing on the internet. There are thousands of websites that rank number 1, 2 or 3 on any top search engine, but do not realize any monetary benefit from said ranking.

Our system is not only designed to get your visibility up, which means a vast increase in unique visitors, but it's designed to get inquiries from those unique visitors. If you can get them to make contact you are one step closer to making a sale.

This is a new age. A different age where marketing has taken on a whole new meaning and demographic. Understanding how people think by their means of searching the web is the first step in seeing positive results that actually have a monetary value.

The journey to a successful online marketing campaign begins here. Welcome aboard.