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Search Engine Optimization Basics

Marketing Analyzing


Marketing Analyzing includes a complete look at your existing marketing foundation and collateral marketing campaign.

Included but not limited to:

Print media, broadcast media, outdoor marketing, internet visibility, website navigation, website ranking, website optimization and online back-end fulfillment and maintenance.

Outside services such as third party consultants, Ad words (Google.com) rates, Keyword Analyzing,  Critic Reports will be charged as an addition to this hourly rate before work is to commence.

Price: $175.00


Services Required (required)
Print media
Broadcast Media
Outdoor Marketing
Internet Visibility
Website Navigation
Website Ranking
Website Optimization
Website Back-end Fulfillment and Maintenance
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List services required of Hollywood Studios pertaining to the above selections.  If an existing website is a part of this request insert the domain name or URL to said website or all websites to be reviewed.

Submit all existing services by company names and describe how you are using said existing services now...

example:  Print Media / running a full page ad once a quarter in Travel Host San Antonio Tx.

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If you require someone to contact you insert your contact information; name, telephone, extension, email etc... and best time to call during PST business hours.

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