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Search Engine Optimization Basics

Website Estimating Made Easy.


Websites consist of the following:

1 - index.html (main page)
1 - contactus.html page
1 - category page listing all categories (ie; shoes, blouses, pants are all a category and are search-able separately.
1 - html page per category for easy navigating.
1 - domain name with product/services keywords in it.
1 - hosting plan on a stand alone server for direct optimization.
2 hrs of basic website design time - $125 x 2 - $250.00.

Index.html page rate is inserted automatically. Use the option keys for adding additional pages.

Price: $265.00


Contact Page (required)
Select all pages needed.
Contact Page - HTML (add $165.00)
HTML1 (add $165.00)
HTML2 (add $165.00)
HTML3 (add $165.00)
HTML4 (add $165.00)
HTML5 (add $165.00)
HTML6 (add $165.00)
HTML7 (add $165.00)
HTML8 (add $165.00)
Electronic Request Form (add $210.00)
PDF1 (add $125.00)
PDF2 (add $125.00)
PDF3 (add $125.00)
PDF4 (add $125.00)
PDF5 (add $125.00)
For pricing on additional PDF FIles required email estimating@hollywoodstudios.org
Domain Names (required)
New Domain Name 1 (add $15.00)
New Domain Name 2 (add $30.00)
New Domain Name 3 (add $45.00)
New Domain Name 4 (add $60.00)
I have my own domain (s)
Domains are to be keywords describing actual products or services. Domains that are pointed will not rank with the search engines. Each domain should be optimized with a stand alone web page optimized for the domain.

Domain rates are based on annual rates. Client has full ownership and access to each domain and can transfer them anytime to a registar of their choosing.

Domains will be registered with www.godaddy.com

If you already have your domains please list them below.
Existing Domain Name(s)
List all domains already owned and to be used.
Select the quantity of images needed to be inserted into your website. Images are to be submitted in jpg, gif, png format at least 200DPI for resizing.

Stock Photos from stock houses will be charged per license from stock house separately.
Images 1 (add $20.00)
Images 2 to 5 (add $60.00)
Images 6 to 10 (add $120.00)
Images 11 to 15 (add $150.00)
Design (required)
Design rates are hourly. Average Design conceptual is 2 hours.
Design 1 hour (add $125.00)
Design 2 hours (add $250.00)
Design 3 hours (add $375.00)
Design 4 hours (add $500.00)
E Commerce (required)
E commerce allows you to sell your products or services online. You will need a Merchant Account compatible to the store we use.

We recommend Total Merchant Services / Authorize Net. The following link may be cut and pasted into your browsers address bar: http://totalmerchantservices.com/?id=107475

This option does not include inserting customer's product into the store. It only covers the actual License and installation of the store.

Custom store designs are charged by the hour. $125.00 per hour. The basic store comes with 45 skins (existing designs).
I need E commerce (add $550.00)
I do not need E commerce
Website Description (required)
Describe your products or services here. List how many products you have.

* free shipping for this item

Order and correct artwork must be placed before 10:00am Local Time on a normal business day to count as day 1.


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